Friday, December 11, 2009

You know what's better than waiting in line at the post office (or bank)?

Waiting in line at the bank (or post office).

Fortunately, the Scots managed to combine the two: the post office doubles as a bank. I've seen people in line purchase a book of stamps, mail a package, deposit a week's worth of employee receipts, and withdraw £200. You can imagine how insane it is, and how annoyingly slow it can be.

This alone did not warrant a blog post. Nor did the fact that my local post office/bank reduce 50% of its line space to also become a convenience store. (I'm still serious. I walk in, pass a man at a newly installed counter selling chips and candy bars, only to stand next to a cooler of Coke and Irn Bru.)

What's now supremely weird is that the post office may have been purchased by Argos, as the post office/bank/convenience store now boasts advertisements how purchases from the Argos website may be picked up at your local post office/bank/convenience store, often within 24 hours.


I should post some more bizarre photos soon.

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